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NFL    Las Vegas vs. New England @12:00 (-6.5)   |    L.A. Rams vs. Buffalo @12:00 (-1.5)   |    Houston vs. Pittsburgh @12:00 (-4)   |    San Francisco vs. N.Y. Giants @12:00 (3.5)   |    Tennessee vs. Minnesota @12:00 (3)   |    Washington vs. Cleveland @12:00 (-7)   |    Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia @12:00 (-4)   |    Chicago vs. Atlanta @12:00 (-3)   |    N.Y. Jets vs. Indianapolis @03:05 (-11.5)   |    Carolina vs. L.A. Chargers @03:05 (-6.5)   |    Detroit vs. Arizona @03:25 (-5.5)   |    Tampa Bay vs. Denver @03:25 (5.5)   |    Dallas vs. Seattle @03:25 (-4.5)   |    Green Bay vs. New Orleans @07:20 (-3.5)   | MLB    Miami Marlins vs. New York Yankees @02:05 (-1.5)   |    New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals @02:05  |    Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays @02:07 (-1)   |    Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox @02:10 (-1)   |    Boston Red Sox vs. Atlanta Braves @02:10 (-1)   |    Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics @02:10 (-1)   |    Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks @02:10 (1)   | NBA    Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat @06:30 (3)   |
"Passion first and everything will fall into place."
- Holly Holm
For our group, it started with a passion for sports and the restaurant industry. We wanted to bring something to Oklahoma City that showcased our love of sports and allowed us to host you as if you were at our house... Welcome to Chalk! Each time you walk in, its a chance for us to compete for your business and we look forward to showing you our gratitude.

Chalk App

Earn restaurant rewards by picking your favorite NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and NHL teams. Games on the Chalk app include Pick ‘Em, Streaks, Weekly Bankroll, Fantasy, and Sports Trivia, and rewards can be redeemed for food and beverages. Grab your friends for a fun night out and share the full Chalk experience.

App Coming Soon

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"Friendships first,
competition second."
- Yao Ming
The best part of the game isn't the ending, its the experience. Whether you are stopping by to catch the sports talk of the day, or staying with us from kickoff to post game, come share in our passion and ignite yours.